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If your floors are getting wet with no apparent leaks from windows or the roof , water may be leaking thru the walls from the wet dirt. The water is wicking through stucco, masonry surfaces, brick or block.


Waterproofing can be applied to the exterior wall from above the dirt line down to the footer and greatly reduce the effects of water saturated soil or standing water next to the wall of your home.


1). Roll the grass back and remove dirt to expose the footer.     2). Thoroughly clean exposed footer and wall.

 Dirt is removed all the way down to footer.     The wall and footer are then pressure cleaned to removed fungus and dirt


after cleaning the footer is ready for waterproofing

3). Several coats of waterproofing are applied to footer and exposed wall.

Cracks are filled and waterproofing is applied.



the waterproofing is applied along all walls that are backfilled with dirt     the waterproofing is applied from the footer up above the dirt line


4). The wall is then repainted to match the existing wall

The wall is repainted to match  


5). The grass is then rolled back and all holes filled.

  the dirt is replaced and grass is rolled back.

This wall will now hold back water in times of hard rain, or when water stands near the wall.



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