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Driveways & sidewalks turn black and green, it's not just getting old - it's getting dirty - and covered in Fungus!

concrete cleaning

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(left) Before concrete  cleaning  (Right)    After cleaning  concrete

sidewalk before concrete cleaning   sidewalk after cleaning concrete

Please Note the grass is just as green, we didn't harm any plants!


The sidewalk in the top left picture is covered in fungus, molds, mildew, as you can see from the top right picture our method of cleaning concrete is 100% effective in killing and removing fungi,       

Are you going to walk on a fungus covered surface?

You will track fungus spores into your house, car and office!  Your contact with fungi spores can make you, your family, pets and co workers sick!

 NOTE: Fungi cause several plant and animal diseases: in humans, ringworm, athlete's foot, and several more serious diseases are caused by fungi. Known as Human Mycoses"aspergillosis, blastomycosis, candidiasis, coccidiodomycosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and sporotrichosis"

Because the Kingdom of fungi is chemically and genetically similar to animal kingdom, these diseases are very difficult to treat. The general public has little knowledge of these sometimes fatal diseases,


(left) Before concrete  cleaning  (Right)    After cleaning  concrete

diveway before concrete cleaning    driveway after cleaning concrete

The driveway on bottom left hasn't been cleaned in 8 years, bottom right picture shows even old concrete will clean up and have a much newer look. (left) Before concrete  cleaning  (Right)    After cleaning  concrete

diveway before concrete cleaning   driveway after cleaning concrete

sidewalk and driveway cleaning is a needed before you notice the concrete is not as bright as it used to be. It should be done on a regular basis. By the time you see the fungus you already have an infestation.

For optimum results:   Our combination of lo-pressure Chemical cleaning and High Pressure cleaning kills and totally removes dangerous fungus form your concrete sidewalks and driveways & curbs, brick pavers, pool decks. Chemical cleaning along with the impact force of high pressure cleaning will effectively remove Fungus, rust,  grease and oil stains.


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