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The image on left is before pressure cleaning  patio enclosures the image on the right is after pressure cleaning patio enclosures


pool / patio enclosures get moldy, and often have a build up of leaves. A simple power washing will bring back the look it once had. Below is a picture of mold on a gutter, every time it rains the gutters drip fungus spores onto the pool deck below, The mold spores that dripped on the pool decks and patios will cause large green and black deposits of Saprophytic Fungus. to grow in that area. This fungus arrives and collects on decks and other exterior surfaces (such as pool, patio furniture) from airborne spores. Once attached to a surface fungus begins to feed on the dead organic matter Including any organic materials used in the manufacturing process of the item it has attached itself to, so in effect it begins to break down every surface it attaches itself to. Pressure washing in conjunction with chemical cleaning. actually removes and kills, algae, mold, mildew, fungus that causes this destructive discoloration.


fungus and mold on patio enclosures, screen enclosure before power washing or pressure washing.   patio enclosures, screen enclosure after power washing or pressure cleaning.


fungus and mold on screen enclosure before power washing or pressure cleaning.   fungus and mold removed from screen enclosure  after power washing or pressure washing.





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