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Painting of residential or commercial pool decks

acrylic and alkyd pool deck paint coatings



 Pool Deck Before Painting   Pool Deck After Painting


Below is a before and after pictures of a pool deck that was cleaned. The cracks were repaired , then a two coats of stain were applied followed by a random pattern stamped in a second accent color.

Pool Deck Before Painting    Pool Deck After Pressure Cleaning And Stained With 2 Color Random Pattern


Below is before and after pictures of the most common pool deck coating request we start with a dirty pool deck, The deck was washed completely free of dirt and fungus by high pressure washing and chemical cleaning. After thoroughly drying the cracks were filled and the deck was repainted with the original color acrylic stain, and now looks the way it did when it was new.

Pool Deck Before Pressure Washing And Painting    Pool Deck After Pressure Cleaning And Painting

Serving Greater : Orlando       (407) 281-3761

There is two basic coatings used on decks acrylic is probably the most common, but also alkyd coatings are used, It is extremely important that you know which product was used when pool deck was originally painted.

Testing the decks surface prior to painting to see the type of paint originally used is extremely important. Test of the decks surface is very simple to do, but very important. do not over look this step! all pool deck painting is not the same.

We clean all pool decks by pressure washing prior to painting, please see: Wash Procedures   We repair cracks and holes in pool decks prior to painting  please see: Repairs

For Information on house painting please see: House Painting



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