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House pressure cleaning is home maintenance, the eaves and walls of your house should be pressure washed at least once a year to prevent a build up of deteriorating fungus!


mold on trim before pressure washing  mold is gone from trim after pressure washing

house before pressure washing  wall                                       house after pressure washing wall

fugus on walls before house washing  after house washing-no fungus

pressure washing your house is needed when dirt, fungus, molds, mildew, / rust stains or spider webs, and other insect nest get on them, making houses dirty and unsightly. You may think it needs paint when all the house really needs is washed. you may have seen webs on eaves and overhangs, or green spots on walls. Or there is a gray look areas of walls and trim, Even maintenance free homes need to be WASHED. Our house pressure washing methods are 100% effective in removing fungus, dirt and stains of many types.

Fungus on stucco wall before pressure washing                     Fungus is gone from wall  aftre pressure washing

mold on stucco before house washing    No mold on stucco after house washing


Can Power washing my house save me money? Yes

Power washing your house can save you money in repairs from wood rot and re-painting. Fungus arrives and collects on roofs, exterior walls and eaves surface from airborne spores. Once attached to a exterior surface the fungus begins to feed on the dead organic matter such as wood, and on asphalt and tile roofs. And fungus feeds on the limestone filler used in the manufacturing process of your roof shingles, concrete, blocks and stucco.  These funguses also feed on paint. along with feeding on the exterior surfaces of your home, fungus retains moisture which cause rot on wood and paint blistering. Cleaning maintenance removes this deteriorating fungus and make an old roof look new again.


eave before house pressure washing    eave after house pressure washing

House pressure washing is not just a good maintenance idea

As you can see from the pictures , pressure cleaning makes your home look better.


spider webs and wasp nest on house before pressure washing / pressure cleaning    The spider webs and wasp nest are gone after pressure washing / pressure cleaning the house


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